What is Caboodle?

Our vision is a world where parents can have fulfilling careers, satisfying lives and thriving children.

We’ve made it our mission to provide a space for mums, dads and carers to work flexibly, supporting each other to have fulfilling careers and healthy family lives, whilst their children blossom in versatile, quality childcare.

We registered as a community interest company in June 2017 (company no. 10811604) after meeting too many parents who work freelance, or irregular hours, and can’t find the childcare they needed to work how and when they want to. Our final goal is to have our own building in Bedminster, Bristol with an Ofsted registered nursery offering flexible places, inspiring deskspace and a supportive, growing community.

Who is Caboodle for?

Ellie F with her sonWe want to support new parents, parents returning to work, parents building up their businesses, and anyone needing access to flexible childcare as a parent or carer.

Through Caboodle, we hope to see more parents able to work flexibly, earning more money, setting up more enterprises, spending more quality time with their children and feeling more fulfilled.

How will it happen?

To reach our goal, we’re running weekly pop-up coworking with flexible childcare at Windmill Hill City Farm, Bedminster. Explore the website for more details on how these run.

Caboodle Timeline

September 2016

Bristol Freelance Parent Hub Meet

Members of ‘Bristol Freelance Parent Hub’ Facebook group meet for the first time after a Freelance Mum networking event, to discuss creating a space with workspace and flexible childcare. Ellie F and Isabel walk home together, talking Street Pockets and house renovations.  

September 2016

Survey of potential users

Isabel, Laura Williams and Faye Dicker run a survey with 70 potential customers of the space. Ellie B completes the survey…

November 2016

Collaborations begin

Ellie F and Isabel meet in Wapping Wharf to discuss collaborating.

January 2017

Voscur Kick Start course

Ellie F and Isabel start a Voscur Kick Start course at Windmill Hill City Farm and Caboodle emerges.

April 2017

Logo and Marketing

Ellie B comments on the first Caboodle logo designs in the Freelance Mum community Facebook group and offers to help with marketing.

June 2017

We Caboodle CIC is born

We Caboodle CIC is incorporated with Ellie F and Isabel as Directors.

July 2017

Marketing Director

Ellie B becomes Caboodle’s Marketing Director.

August 2017

Website launched

After lots of hard work, phase one of our website is launched!

September 2017

Pop-up sessions launch

Our first pop-up sessions start at Windmill Hill City Farm, every term-time Monday. Sessions are a great hit and we receive several 5* reviews!

October 2017

Karin Symth MP visits

Our local MP for Bristol South, Karin Smyth visits Caboodle and offers great support!