Flexible Coworking with onsite Childcare

Caboodle is a social enterprise based in South Bristol working to offer mums, dads and carers inspiring deskspace, a growing community and flexible childcare that works when you need to. 

We ran a series of PAYG pop-up coworking with childcare every term-time at Windmill Hill City Farm, Bedminster, Bristol.

Caboodle directors
Caboodle was set up by three BS3 mums: Ellie F, Isabel and Ellie B

Inspring Deskspace

Caboodle coworking maximises your valuable work time by minimising stress and travel time.

Flexible Childcare

Your under 5s will be well looked after in the Caboodle crèche, whilst you concentrate in the nearby coworking space. No commitment, book only the days you need.

Growing Community

At lunchtime, we’ll enjoy a buffet lunch together (included in the ticket price), a friendly chat and a wander around the farm.


You can become part of our growing community by following us on Facebook,  Twitter or Instagram. We’re running Caboodle for you, so let us know your needs and ideas. Sign up to our e-news and we’ll keep you updated.

We have a vision to provide flexible childcare that enables parents to work more easily and spend more quality time with their children. Read more about Caboodle the team and our pop-up sessions.