Thank you

We’re incredibly grateful to the huge number of people who have given us their time, support, advice and contacts to create Caboodle, including:

  • Dahlia Dajani from Entreprenursery for giving us an insight into running pop-ups
  • Faye Dicker of Freelance Mum for bringing us all together and encouraging us to turn a bubbling idea into reality, and the amazing parents at Freelance Mum for their guidance
  • Kate Robinson for marketing advice and printing our first leaflet
  • Will Seelig for producing our Caboodle video short
  • Imogen Smith for her marketing feedback
  • Voscur for running our Kick Start course and giving us guidance on CIC registration
  • Lisa Whiting for taking our profile headshots, working through the rain and trying to get two toddlers and a baby to look at the camera at the same time
  • Laura Williams for getting the first group of freelance parents to meet to try and find a solution, setting up the facebook group that kept us talking, and writing our first press release.
  • Windmill Hill City Farm for providing the venue (and cute pigs!)

And of course, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our fundraising